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ISWK is pleased to announce the setting up of a School Monitored Private Transport Service for all students to begin from 1 April 2017, which will be providing safe and convenient transport from the Home to the School and back.


Our priority will be to ensure the safety of students not only in the buses but also at the pick-up and drop-off points. We have designed the Service so that it maintains international safety standards which include:

  • Each student will have a seat and wear a seat belt.
  • Each bus will be fully insured and equipped with a First Aid Box.
  • Dedicated, experienced and well trained drivers.
  • Bus Monitors to help each student.
  • Excellent Fleet and Route management software and monitoring mechanism.
  • Child Check Concept. Bus Scan after every trip
  • Continuous monitoring of buses through IVMS.
  • Electronic Video recording.
  • Economic Fees.
  • Convenient payment facilities Cash, Credit Card, Cheque


All the registered Transport Contractors will follow the set rules and regulations prescribed by the Government and the School.


We expect that each bus will be operated on a Point to Point service, which will ensure that your child will not be travelling more than what it would take to come directly to the school and back to the home.


  Bus Fees will be as under: R.O.
1 Wadi Kabir area upto Sheraton Hotel - Route-1 16/-
2 MBD & CBD / Rex Road / Muttrah - Route-2 18/-
3 Ruwi upto Hamriya - Route-3 18/-
4 Darsait / Jibroo / Corniche - Route-4 20/-
5 Wattayah / Qurum - Route-5 25/-
6 PDO - Route-6 30/-
7 Madinat Sultan Qaboos / Al Khuwair - Route-7 35/-
8 Beyond Al Khuwair upto Al Khoud - Route-8 40/-



ISWK believes that the safety of each child is of prime importance and hence we have negotiated with the Transport Contractors to offer this service. The school will be monitoring the working of the system only and it will be the prime responsibility of the Bus Contractor to operate the system to the satisfaction of the parents.


As a matter of convenience we propose that the fees for the transport can be paid in the school office.

It is mandatory for all parents to fill the transport form that is available on the school web site ( under 'Facilities' (School Transport Services), whether they will be using the School Monitored Private Transport service or their own transport, on or before 10th February 2017.

Depending upon the response from the parents, the school will design the required routes and the details of the contractor allocated to the route. Parents who opt for this service will be informed individually with the required details.

Note: fees for the transport for the current month can be paid to the respective transporter. Facility of paying in school will commence shortly.