The School considers the Kindergarten an essential step in the ladder of educational experience. The aim is to foster the natural development of 3-5 years olds through an organized, systematic, child-centered programme of learning. The focus is on the development of essential skills in child from a very early stage. The school emphasizes education of young children through active exploration and through learning activities.

Primary and Middle School

The school has English as the first language and Hindi as the compulsory second language. Arabic or Malayalam is taught as a compulsory additional language for Grades VI - VIII, fulfilling the requirement of a compulsory third language by the CBSE.

Besides the languages, Mathematics, Science, Environmental Studies, Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, Computer Studies, Art and Craft, Hindustani Music, and Work Experience are taught. Developmental activities like games, sports, debates, elocution, quizzing, dramatics, etc., are given due importance.

The Scouting and Guiding and several other co-scholastic activities are an integral part of the curriculum with the view to develop a variety of skills. They help in imbibing good character, training in leadership, self-reliance and in learning a variety of life skills.

In the teaching-learning process, the school lays emphasis less on learning by rote and more on understanding, self-expression, application and self- learning. There are no formal examinations for
Grades I - V. Students are evaluated on their day to day work and through formative tests.

Students of classes VI - VIII are assessed through Continuous and Comprehensive & evaluation by means of academic activities, Formative and Summative Assessments.