Promotion Rules

Pupils of kindergarten level would normally be promoted to the next class. However those whose progress has not been satisfactory may be asked to repeat the class.

Pupils of Grade I - III would normally be promoted to the next class if their progress during the year in English, Mathematics and Hindi has been satisfactory.

Pupils of grades IV & V are promoted to the higher class, if they reach at least the acceptable level of progress (Grade D) in English, Mathematics and Hindi.

Promotion of pupils of Grade VI - VIII will be decided on the basis of all assessments done in the academic year. If their progress is not satisfactory, they may be asked to repeat the class.

Students of class IX should score the minimum Grade 'D' in each of the scholastic subjects in order to be promoted to class X.

In addition, pupils should obtain an acceptable grade in Work Experience, Art Education, and Physical & Health Education.

Pass Criteria for Grade X

A candidate will be eligible to get the Pass Certificate of X if :
He/she passes in all the subjects of internal assessment unless he/she is exempted, and
He/she obtains the minimum qualifying grade or D in all the five compulsory scholastic subjects as per CBSE norms.

Promotion Rules for Class XI Science and Commerce stream

Grade XI will have two assessments, two unit tests and a final exam in all subjects. Weightage given to the assessments is 20%, 20% and 40% respectively. Each unit test will carry a weightage of 10%. Subjects involving practicals will require pass marks separately in theory and practical.
A student is eligible for promotion to the next class on obtaining minimum of 40% on aggregate in each subject and should have a minimum of 80% attendance.
Students should also obtain an acceptable grade in subjects of internal assessment - General Studies, Work Experience and Physical Education.
A student should appear in all assessments and unit tests.